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Do I Need A Private Investigator? - when to know if you need a private investigator

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

When beginning to think about hiring a private investigator it can feel overwhelming and may be hard to find a place to start. Step 1 is identifying exactly what you need a private investigator to do. Below are a few common reasons people hire private investigators and may give you a better idea of the services you can utilize.

Collecting Evidence

A large role private investigators play is the collection of evidence relating to a specific case. For example: in a divorce case if the client believes their spouse may be in an inappropriate relationship the job of the private detectives would be to covertly collect evidence to confirm that suspicion. All communication and evidence collected would remain confidential.

Locating A Person or Property

Many times during court proceedings a defendant or witness may actively attempt to hide to avoid being brought into court. Locating a person could also be used to document the location and patterns of a cheating spouse. Locating an individual could consist of surveillance, background checks, vehicle tailing, etc.

Background Checks

Background checks can be used to identify court/arrest records for an individual as well as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc. This service can be used to confirm the accuracy of a resume.

Our Roanoke Private Investigators are experts in their field and excel at all areas of private investigations.

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