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What Tools Do Roanoke Private Investigators (PIs) Use?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Spyware Tools

Private investigators use some spyware tools installed on home computers, smartphones, and other devices. The spyware tools help them to record and monitor the activities of the suspect. However, these kinds of spying tools can be installed only when they get the suspect’s device for a while. For example, if someone has doubts about their spouse, then a private investigator can help their client install a spyware tool in the cheater’s devices.

Furthermore, in big criminal cases, where it is next to impossible to get the suspect’s devices, the private investigator uses their hacking techniques to record their activities. Not any private detective reveals these kinds of techniques’ secrets. Apart from this, the evidence recorded by spyware tools is not acceptable in the courts of several countries, and it is illegal too.

Device Cloning

In countries where spyware tools are illegal, private investigators use device cloning techniques to gather important information. Hard drive cloning is commonly used for preserving crucial data, so if an email or data is later deleted, the individual has a copy of it.

The private investigators use this tactic to trace the suspect’s habits and gather relevant information or evidence. The evidence copied by the hard drive can be present in front of the court. However, for device cloning, a private investigator needs to access the suspect’s device.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is also one of the common tactics used by private investigators. A GPS tracking device can be installed in a suspect’s vehicle and in any accessory which he or she always carries.

If they find their client’s help, they can easily install the GPS tracking device in the cheater’s vehicle or accessory. Otherwise, the private investigators have to apply several tactics for this task. The private investigators use GPS tracking tactics to monitor the traveling activities of the cheater or criminal. It also helps them to trace the suspect’s crime partners.

Capture Photographs

Taking photographs of the suspect is one of the most favorite tactics of private investigators. They use high lens cameras to capture the images of certain activities of the suspect from a far distance.

Furthermore, sometimes they also use a video camera to record the actions of the suspects and their partners. Photographs and video are admissible in the honorable courts of the US.

Research on a Special Database

The private investigators have access to special databases like police forces. The normal public can’t access these databases, which involve the assets hidden by the suspects. Furthermore, these special databases are also used to check the backgrounds of another person.

These researches help the investigators to get an idea of the suspect’s character and hidden personal information. However, backgrounds and past crimes aren’t relevant to the current situation or case in many cases. The private investigators do this only to find any relevant evidence.

Voice Analysis

Layered voice analysis is also one of the favorite tactics of private detectives; through this method, they can get an idea to determine whether the suspect is being truthful or lying. The layered voice analysis technique can identify human speech’s emotional, psychological, and other common contents.

However, the layered voice analysis tools are only sold to task forces and license holder private investigators. This technique can be used only in real-time interviews or phone conversations.

Check Crime History

The private investigators also take the help of police forces to verify the crime history of the suspect. However, they also have special databases, but they help the police force get the entire information from the hard copies of the case file.

They deeply scan every single aspect of the previous crimes of the suspect and find out some relevant information from his or her past for the current case. They also try to find out the roots of the suspect’s past and present.

Google Research

Google involves endless stories of cheaters and criminals. Sometimes a private investigator cannot find out how a suspect is conducting his or her operation or how they are cheating. In this situation, most of the time, private investigators help the stories and articles available on google to crack the case.

They deeply explore the tactics and working manners of the criminals and cheaters. They believe that the suspect is also trying one of those brilliant ideas, which is hard to trap.

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